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In LA Organic, our goal is to produce the best olive oils and organic gourmet products, for which we have collection of those professionals who have excellence in their job essential.
It is true that they all come from diverse professional fields fully, but each has sought to be the best in the world in their respective area. This is the reason that success comes with the work of our team.

These small-scale plantations are at the heart of LA’s quality-first philosophy. Some of our most important olive groves are: The pagos in Ecija (Seville), El Saladillo and El Canuelo del Genovés(Cordoba) in particular, property of Jose Cano. Jose is a pioneer of the organic agriculture movement in Spain, and his properties represent one of the largest extensions of organic olive plantation anywhere in the world. Jose Cano has been farming organically since as long ago as 1987.

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ORGANIC INDIA means absolute commitment to quality. All our products are 100% organic, pure and natural, because you want the best for your family and so do we.
The guiding principles of our company are health and happiness for all beings and great respect for the Divine Mystery of Mother Nature who selflessly sustains humanity and naturally provides us all with a bounty of nourishing foods and healing herbs.


Canaan Fair Trade sells olive oil and other delicacies produced by over 1,700 small farmers, organized in village cooperatives and represented by the Palestine Fair Trade Association(PFTA). We supply bulk as well as finished and packaged olive oil and other goods to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Our olive oil and all of our products come with a Palestinian Certificate of Origin. A large and growing portion of them are certified Organic.

Canaan Fair Trade uses the fair trade concept to empower marginalized Palestinian rural communities caught in conflict so they can sustain their livelihoods and culture. To that end, we have built direct working relationships with these communities, paying sustainable prices for their agricultural products to ensure fair wages for labor along the supply chain

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